Automotive chemicals and fluids
Air compressors, tools, and accessories
Automotive wax, cleaner, polish, applicators
Sponges and pails
Lubricants and oils
Body fillers
Bulbs and switches
Fuel cans and funnels
Tie-down and stretch cords
Absorbents and spill control
Welding supplies

Building Supplies

Ceiling tile
Deck repair
Ready-mixed cements
Masonry tools
Joint Compound
Driveway and roof coatings
Wood moldings
Space heaters, air conditioners and purifiers, dehumidifier

Electrical Supplies

Incandescent and fluorescent bulbs
Exterior/interior light fixtures
Building wire and cable Outlet boxes and covers
Circuit breakers
Service entrance equip. and fuses
Multi-outlet and surge protection devices
Outdoor weatherproof devices
Wiring connectors and terminals
Wall plates
Receptacles, switches, and dimmers
Plugs and connectors
Taps and adaptors
Telephone accessories
Bells and signaling devices
Lamp and fixture parts
Bulk cord and extension cords
Portable task lights
Audio and video accessories
Timers, sensors, and photo controls
Electrical tools, tape, and staples
Flashlights and replacement bulbs
Batteries and accessories
Smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors
Fire extinguishers

Hand and Power Tools

Striking tools
Tool replacement handles
Bars, nail pullers, and steel chisels
Planes, files, rasps, and wood chisels
Hand saws, mitre boxes
Pliers, cutters, and shears
Tools sets and combinations
Screwdrivers and hand drills
Pipe bending/cutting, taps, and dies
Vises and clamps
Mason tools Levels and measuring tools
Tool Boxes, pouches, and safety equipment
Staplers, rivet tools, and fasteners
Power and hand tools
Power tool accessories
Drills, bits, and accessories
Wet/dry vacuums
Power and hand hammers
Torches, soldering, and welding
Hobby tools

Hardware & Fasteners

Bolts, nuts, and washers

Gr. 2, Gr. 5, Gr. 8
Zinc, galvanized, stainless steel, brass
Threaded, plain rod, lengths 3-6′
Metric bolts Nails, tacks, and screws

Staplers, staples, and rivets
Anchoring devices
Springs, hooks, eye and U bolts
Metal stock– steel and aluminum
Security hardware– window and door
Chain and wire Rope and twine
Hoist and pulleys
Fire safety
Pad locks and locksets Keys
Hinges, hasps, and gate hardware
Cabinet and door hardware
Garage door and hardware
Stencils, decals, numbers, letters, signs
Casters, floor protections, and furniture hardware
Shelving and storage
Window shades and blinds

Lawn and Garden Supplies

Scotts Brand products
Seed and seed starting supplies
Wheelbarrows, hand trucks, and lawn carts
Lawn spreaders
Work gloves Lawn and garden hand tools
Rakes, shovels, brooms, and axes
Long handle tools Fencing and edging
Hose and watering equipment
Garden sprayers
Garden supplies and plant supports
Planters and house plant supplies
Home and yard chemicals
Pest control
Fertilizers Soils conditioners
Landscaping materials
Snow melters
Water gardening
Pet supplies
Bird feeders and seed

Outdoor Living & Power Equip

Lawn mowers and accessories
Power trimmers, edgers, and blowers
Chain saws
Air compressors– tools, and accessories
Snow throwers
Barbecue grills and accessories
Patio furniture and accessories
Pool cleaning equip. and chemicals
US, CT, and POW Flags
Trash containers
Deck furniture and storage
Propane tanks and filling station
Gas grills

Paint & Sundries

Digital color matching
Exterior paints and primers
Exterior stains, sealers, and protectors
Interior paints and primers
Tinting colorants
Aerosol paint/primers
Brush on interior/exterior enamels and primers
Interior stains and varnishes
Faux finishing, glazes, and craft paints
Paint additives
Paint, applicators, and tools
Surface prep/cleaning products
Paint thinners and removers
Strapping and colored tapes
Plaster, stripping, and adhesive tools
Weatherproofing products
Spackling and patching
Wallpaper tools and chemicals
Wall coverings
Window coverings and hardware
Ladders Drop cloths and tarps


Toilet seats
Toilet repair
Faucet and valve repair
Valves– pipe, pvc, copper
Pipe– galvanized, black, and copper
Pipe and tubing– pvc and poly
Pipe fittings galvanized and black brass and copper plastic
Sump pumps
Filters– furnace and air conditioner
Faucets Showerhead accessories
Garbage disposals
Water filtration
Bathroom/cabinet hardware and accessories
Water softener crystals

Small Appliances

Mixers, blenders, and food processors
Toasters and toaster ovens
Microwave ovens
Irons and boards
Coffee makers
Rotating and stationary fans
Air conditioners
Space heaters
Humidifiers and dehumidifiers
Air purifiers
Vacuum cleaners
Dustbusters and portable vacuums
Shop Vacs
Wrist watches and wall clocks


Propane tanks and fills
Pool supplies
Deck furniture and storage
Deck care
Lawn care and maintenance
Driveway sealer
Bug repellants
Tiki torches and citronella candles
Air conditioners
Rotating and stationary fans


Kitchen tools and gadgets
Waste containers and trash bags
Laundry, dishwashing, and hand cleaners
Furniture polish and floor care
Cleaners, wax, and polish
Cleaners for kitchen and bath
Cloths, pads, dusters, and sponges
Brushes, brooms, mops, and pails
Commercial cleaners/supplies
Thermometers and scales


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